SM Women MTB Series

MTB saddles for women – completely rethought. The anatomical characteristics of the female pelvis were analysed in the course of long-term studies, and the results led to a new saddle design.


GP MTB Comfort Series

Comfort driven mountain bikers rely and require unmatched pressure relief. Grips of the GP Series prevent numb fingers, aching hands and forearms.


SMC4 MTB Comfort Series

Core Comfort -The ergonomic focus is on maximizing rider comfort and relief of the soft tissue areas of mountain bikers.


Fitting Box Series

The main contact points; saddle, handlebar, and pedals, must be adjusted to work in harmony with the rider. Depending on the type of bicycle and riding style these contact point adjustments change. With the Fitting Box the bike can be adjusted fast, precise, and ergonomically correct with little or no previous bike fitting knowledge.


IP3 Solestar Series

Greater performance and less discomfort due to optimized biomechanical foot support. Developed with German insole specialist Solestar.


SMC3 MTB Comfort Series

The Perfomance Comfort saddle for mountain bikers. The SMC3 is designed as an all round mountain bike saddle, ideal for recreational cyclists and cyclists with common saddle issues.


HM2 MTB Series

The lightweight all-round mountain bike glove. Improved fit and grip ergonomics due to anatomically pre-formed fingers.


TP1 Pedal Cleat Tool Series

The first tool for precise and easy adjustment of the cleats to cycling shoes. The ergonomically correct position of the feet on the pedals plays a crucial role and is responsible for performance and comfort.