A successful finish to the season for Alban

Alban finishes strong

With an unexpected second place at the Canyon Roc Marathon at the Roc d`Azur in Fréjus, France, the Topeak-Ergon Racer Alban Lakata completes an extremely successful season 2017.

“I wasn`t expecting that", Alban admitted afterwards. Not only because he was twelfth at the half-way point of the 86 kilometers and 2,500 meters of altitude, but also because he noticed that he “feels no longer in the best shape.” But with the coolness of a three-time world champion, he did not let the nervous beginning get to him and spread his energy well in the summer temperatures.

With two or three riders in tow, the Austrian mopped up the field from behind and when he had reached the pursuers' group, and he had overtaken the Colombian Hector Paez, who had so far been in second place, the six man formation sped up with 15 kilometers to go. With his extraordinary abilities in the flat stages of races, his competitors simply didn’t have a chance. The only rider who could edge him was his Austrian countryman, Daniel Geismayr.

“It paid off that I decided to ride at my pace. I wanted to finish the comeback, but Geisi was too far away. I am very satisfied with the second place, which was the maximum today”, commented the Albanator. Team colleague Kristian Hynek had to end the race at the second feed zone after health problems, which had already been announced the day before.