Find your recommended Ergon saddle.

ST Core Touring Series

Ergon Core – The Dynamic Saddle with Ergonomic Core. Prevents Numbness in the Soft Tissue Area, Reduced Sit Bone Pressure, Medical Back Support and Floating Motion Support.


SM Men MTB Series

Ergonomically and medically optimized MTB saddles for men. The male-specific relief channel effectively reduces pressure in the sensitive genital area.


SFC3 Fitness Series

Effective relief for Fitness Bikes, E-Bikes and sportive Trekking Bikes.


SM E-Mountain E-MTB Series

The E-MTB comfort-saddle optimized for long seated-periods and steep climbs. Discomfort is effectively prevented thanks to the anatomically adapted surfaces.


SM Women MTB Series

MTB saddles for women – completely rethought. The anatomical characteristics of the female pelvis were analysed in the course of long-term studies, and the results led to a new saddle design.


SR Men Road Series

Men's health in focus. The SR Men series provides effective relief for the extremely sensitive male perineum area.


ST Touring Series

Extra comfort for long tours. The surface design adapted to the male and female anatomy prevents numbness and seated discomfort.


SMC4 MTB Comfort Series

Core Comfort -The ergonomic focus is on maximizing rider comfort and relief of the soft tissue areas of mountain bikers.


SR Women Road Series

Using world champion Pauline Ferrand Prévot’s Canyon//SRAM UCI women’s team, we managed,with the help of many workshops and training camps, to develop a new generation of saddles combining maximum comfort with 100% racing suitability.


SME3 MTB Enduro Series

The superstar saddle of the enduro scene, which is popular with both riders and the media. The SME3 is at the forefront in the Enduro World Series.