GD1 MTB Gravity Series

The first gravity-grip with a tapered shape and a unique rubber compound. Designed for the demands of downhill and hard gravity use.


SM Men MTB Series

Ergonomically and medically optimized MTB saddles for men. The male-specific relief channel effectively reduces pressure in the sensitive genital area.


SM Women MTB Series

MTB saddles for women – completely rethought. The anatomical characteristics of the female pelvis were analysed in the course of long-term studies, and the results led to a new saddle design.


SMD2 MTB Gravity - Downhill Series

The first Ergon saddle designed not only for sitting but also for control of the bike! Designed for unrestricted freedom of movement during intense downhill use.


GE1 MTB Enduro Series

The next evolution of the successful GE1. Right at the forefront of the Enduro World Series! The GE1 is the first ergonomic rider-oriented grip for use on wide handlebars, supporting the correct upper body and arm position of the rider.


Fitting Box Series

The main contact points; saddle, handlebar, and pedals, must be adjusted to work in harmony with the rider. Depending on the type of bicycle and riding style these contact point adjustments change. With the Fitting Box the bike can be adjusted fast, precise, and ergonomically correct with little or no previous bike fitting knowledge.


SME3 MTB Enduro Series

The superstar saddle of the enduro scene, which is popular with both riders and the media. The SME3 is at the forefront in the Enduro World Series.


BA MTB All-Mountain Series

Made for All-Mountain and E-MTB use. Thanks to the 4-stage adjustable back, load compression “Adaptive Carrier System”, and the flexible aluminum bar, the backpacks custom adjusts to the body shape of the rider.


IP3 Solestar Series

Greater performance and less discomfort due to optimized biomechanical foot support. Developed with German insole specialist Solestar.